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suit yourself.

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mass effect 3 promo images

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The many faces of Enoshima Junko


Some sort of audio slip up. Colette was speaking in Zelos voice and I just……

Same happened for me but in my case she had Genis’ voice!


Dangan Ronpa Present Table

(x is bad, triangle is ok, circle is good and double circle is super high-school level good)

credit for making this table in the first place goes to the dangan ronpa fc2 wiki’s contributors

credit for translating said table goes to me i guess, with the exception of, like, a handful of items that already came up in orenronen’s lp, which i used his translations for (“necroissant” and “oiltatoes” for example)

credit for the sprite dealies i slapped up there goes to spike b/c they’re the ingame sprites anyway (altho the syo sprite is my edit of the fukawa sprite)

warning: the 10th and final page here is the end-of-chapter items and therefore has spoilers, view at your own discretion

(also part of the table itself is a spoiler for chapter 2 onward)

of course i see this 3 days after I finished DR..

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You’re a wizard, harry
magikarp is my spirit animal….
We crashed our in GTA V and it looks super grumpy!!
this game is killing me
Hideo Baba at the Tales of Xillia panel, ladies and gentlemen
Hideo Baba signed our games after the Tales of Xillia panel sveiagsvwbwjidosbwgdb
well that was unexpected

well that was unexpected

my ps vita backgrounds:

Catherine (Catherine), BioShock 2 scene, BMO (Adventure Time), Avion (Shadow of the Colossus), Big and Little Sisters (BioShock 2)